NIDHI Software Development

NIDHI software manage all financial transaction of NIDHI companies that are a type of non-banking financial institution working in India to Minimize banking system workload in remote areas. Its specialized software designed to automate the operations of NIDHI Companies in In Lucknow, India. They are regulated by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) and are often used for promoting the savings and investment activities of their members, who are often from similar socioeconomic backgrounds.

We at maxwell infotech offers customized solutions for NIDHI software development services in Lucknow with our team of skilled IT professionals to reduce burden of transactional paper work and transparency in daily transaction activities.


The software typically includes features like member registration, account opening, deposit management, loan management, document management, and reporting. Nidhi software is also equipped with security features to protect sensitive data such as member details, financial data, and transaction details.

Key features of Nidhi Software:

NIDHI software helps manage daily transactional activities with customized process related to small business units looking for small loan without any heavy documentation process to beneficiaries. Nidhi software helps in managing various operations such as member management, deposit management, loan management, accounting, and reporting. It automates the entire process and makes it easier for the company to handle large volumes of transactions.

Member Management:

Nidhi software helps in managing the data of authorized member. With help of these customized software admin can manage member’s personal information and transaction details.

Loan Management:

NIDHI companies offer easy loan process for small business units & individuals who are member in NIDHI. The software assists in managing the loan application process, disbursement, repayments, and interest calculations.

Savings and Deposits Management:

Its allow to facilitates the management of member savings accounts and fixed deposit accounts, including interest calculations and maturity tracking.

Interest Calculation:

Nidhi software automates the calculation of interest on savings accounts, fixed deposits, and loans based on the company's policies and regulations.